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A personal yoga assistant that gives audio feedback on your alignment, when you practice yoga at home.

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Inside the Box

  • I have been using Yoganotch for the past few months, and it is simply the best solution for those who want to continue (or begin) their yoga practice under the pandemic lockdown

    Audrey Emu,
    Yoganotch practitioner

  • I can see how this will help my body awareness, muscular activation, postural alignment, neuromuscular education, and my overall practice... As a physical therapist and Yoga teacher... I've been waiting for something like this

    Jhoanna Rae,
    Yoganotch practitioner and yoga teacher

  • I’m thrilled to partner with an innovative company like YogaNotch to bring safer, more efficient yoga into people’s homes.

    Lara Heimann, LYT Yoga,
    Yoganotch teacher